Why You Need a Whole House Dehumidifier Installation

Whole-home dehumidifiers are appliances that are integrated directly into a home’s HVAC system and work while the AC is operating. A cooling system on its own does have some dehumidification properties, but not enough to make a noticeable difference to the comfort of your home. For the intense humidity levels throughout the summers in Boca Raton, you’ll need a dedicated dehumidifier.

The best dehumidifier for your home is one that will effectively remove heat and moisture from the air in your HVAC system, without interfering with the cooling system’s operation. Dehumidifying your home improves your comfort and your health by helping prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and other potentially harmful microorganisms that can cause ill health effects.

Is Low Humidity a Problem Too?

Low humidity isn’t something that is discussed a lot in Florida, but it can happen during the cooler part of the year, especially if your home is more inland. The ideal relative humidity levels in any given Boca Raton home should be between 30-50%. So while anything above 50 means there is too much moisture, anything below 30 means there is too little.

When there is too little moisture in the air, it makes it easier for cold and flu germs to travel from person to person, which means you can get sick easier. Dry air also leads to property damage by way of cracked wood flooring and furnishings and peeling paint. To learn more and discover what the best humidifier options are for you, contact our team.

We Provide Comprehensive Humidifier and Dehumidifier Repair and Services

At First Response Air Conditioning & Refrigeration we install only the top-rated brands in air conditioning equipment as well as indoor air quality products. You can count on us to ensure your home is well equipped with what you need to stay comfortable and healthy.

We also want to ensure that your efficient humidity control continues year after year with no major repair needs or premature replacement. So we do recommend that you schedule routine dehumidifier and humidifier maintenance, too. True, no appliance will last forever and yours will require repair at some point. But by staying on top of these systems, you can seriously mitigate whatever problems they run into. Call our team today to request an estimate on humidifier or dehumidifier services in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, and Delray Beach, FL.

Contact Southeast Florida’s best HVAC company for exceptional humidifier and dehumidifier services. We have the coolest customers in town!

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Julia Tatchyna

“Usually it’s super hard to get someone after hours who would come and fix the issue fast. We were super lucky to finally come across the First Response company!”

Ben Jarrell

Great honest company! They didn’t try to make me buy unnecessary things and they also didn’t try to band aid problems to keep them coming back for service calls! Highly recommend!!! Thank you First Response Air Conditioning. You have our family’s business for life!

Pete Michaels

I had First Response give me a quote for a new a/c. They were fair in price. I spoke with Chuck in detail on what would be done. Being satisfied with the conversation, they did the job and I’m very pleased with the Trane 16 Seer unit. Everything promised was delivered.they were courteous and left my place clean. None of my furniture, flooring, or paint was damaged. I really appreciated the care and respect. My first electric bill with the unit was just over $100 savings over my 12 year old Rheem. That’s $1200 per year or more—I’m thrilled at the payback. Thanks guys!! I’m definitely going to recommend you to my brother he needs a system.

Julia Tatchyna

My husband and I own a vacation rental company , hence we experience quite a few of last minute call outs for AC malfunctions, that need to be taken care of immediately. Usually it’s super hard to get someone after hours who would come and fix the issue fast . We were super lucky to finally come across the First Response company! They are truly First Response! It’s the first time when we called after hours and tech was there in 20 min , was super knowledgeable and professional and handled everything within minutes . With Florida heat fixing AC in timely manner is crucial , and this company is definitely capable of doing that. Will use again and recommend to everyone!

James Farrer

Great company just invested in a new Lennox unit for my home. Very nice looking system and a very affordable price. Did the 18 months no interest.

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