Routine maintenance on a heat pump is critical to ensure it can sail through a tough season of cooling a Florida home. That’s plenty of work for any heat pump, and a pre-season check-up and tune-up makes an enormous difference. That’s why one of the most important HVAC services in West Palm Beach, FL we offer our customers is maintenance through our First Response Club. In the spring, we’ll send out one of our skilled cooling experts to see that your heat pump is ready to go.

But it’s fall now, so why are we bringing up maintenance?
Because maintenance needs to happen twice a year. There’s spring maintenance
for your cooling system, and then fall maintenance for your heating system.

“But I only have one system: the heat pump”

True. A heat pump does two jobs, however. It is an
air conditioning system that can also be changed with an adjustment to the
thermostat to be a heating system. It isn’t two different types of machines in
one cabinet, like the combo of air conditioner and furnace that many homes
have. The heat pump uses the same components in either cooling or heating mode.
All it needs to do to change modes is reverse the direction it operates, so
that instead of moving heat out of a home, it moves it into the home.

Because a heat pump runs through most of the year, it
accumulates more wear and tear than an AC or furnace alone. All its components
need checks before fall so the heat pump will be able to make it to spring for
its next tune-up. Our technicians handle cleaning the heat pump, lubricating moving
parts, checking refrigerant pressure, testing amperage, and inspecting for
possible malfunctions.

“I don’t really need that much heat—it’s Florida after all!”

Believe us, we love the great weather in Palm Beach as much
as the vacationers. And you don’t need powerful heating during most of the winter.
But you will need heat on some of the evenings, and a heat pump is one of the
most energy efficient ways to have warmth in our climate.

But aside from occasionally needing warmth, you’ll probably
still need plenty of cooling—and that’s the heat pump’s job! When you have the
heat pump maintained in fall, you aren’t just looking out for it as a heating
system, but also as an air conditioner. You’re investing in the heat pump
working reliably and efficiently no matter what conditions you need in your

Our First Response Club is designed with your heat pump in
mind. You’ll receive two cleanings for your system per year, plus other
benefits like priority scheduling, discounts, and free or reduced fees for
after-hours and weekday service calls. We’ll even do a free refrigerant top-off
if we discover your heat pump has lost refrigerant pressure. Talk to our team
today to learn more about the different membership tiers. Once you sign up, you
can schedule your fall maintenance for your heat pump.

We have the coolest customers in town! (And the warmest, when needed.) Call First Response Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to sign up for heat pump maintenance.