Winter is a fun time in Florida, because we have cooler weather
that isn’t too cold. We have some colder days when heaters need to be
running, but they’re usually not terrible.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to escape from cold and flu
season. Wouldn’t it be great to chop out this “no fun” side of winter so you
can enjoy this season to the fullest?

There are medical precautions you can take, but we have an actual HVAC upgrade to help you lower the chances of flu and cold bugs spreading around your house. We install a type of air purifier in Boynton Beach, FL that can knockout the cold and flu nasties, as well as other airborne irritants. It’s called a UV air purifier.

A UV Air Purifier Is an Anti-Illness Superhero in Your House!

We use a superhero for our company logo, because we think of
our team as superheroes saving our customers’ home comfort. And our indoor air
quality experts can send a superhero to live with you, a superhero with the
power to stop germs, viruses, mold spores, and all kinds of unpleasant
microbes. A superhero who sends out powerful radiation beams!

Radiation? You want to put radiation in my house?

Yes, but not that kind of radiation! Any energy that
comes from a light source is a type of radiation. The radiation we can set up
in your house is ultraviolet radiation that comes from special UV lamps.

UV radiation—that’s what I need to protect my skin from with sunblock,

You got it! Ultraviolet radiation is short wavelength
radiation that’s a natural part of sunlight. It is harmful to organic tissue at
certain concentrations and over enough time. The reason your skin tans and
eventually burns in direct sunlight is because of ultraviolet radiation.

The good news: we can harness UV rays with special light bulbs
that emit enough energy to destroy small organic particles, such as viruses and
microbes and bacteria, without harming people or pets. In fact, UV lights are
an important medical device used to help cure a variety of illnesses.

How does this work in my home?

It’s simple. Our technicians will come to your house and
install UV lights inside your HVAC system. Usually, they place the lights so
they shine on the evaporator coil of the air conditioner, which is a place
where all air moving through the ventilation system must pass. (During summer,
the coil is also the spot where mold is most likely to grow.) The UV rays from
these lights destroy the cellular structure of any organic particles flowing
along in the air. This either kills the cells outright or makes them unable to
reproduce and therefore harmless.

It won’t take our team long to outfit your HVAC system with
this important health defense. Once we’re done, you won’t even know the UV air purifier
is there—aside from having fewer sick days in your household! UV air purifiers
are easy to maintain, and you should be able to enjoy many years of service
once we’ve finished the installation.

I’m sold! How do I get started?

Just call us now! Help is one the way.

Depend on First Response Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. We have the coolest (and healthiest) customers in town.