Dumped AC units in a scrapyard

Florida’s mild winter climate means there’s no hard and fast
“best” season to arrange for air conditioning replacement. Summer is the worst
time, since nobody wants to lose out on their cooling while HVAC technicians
install a new system. The rest of the year, however, has stretches where it’s
easy to have a replacement system put in.

As fall approaches, we encourage you to consider your home’s air conditioning in Deerfield Beach, FL. Do you have doubts about how well it will perform over the next year? Has the cost to run it increased markedly? Are you interested in more advanced, energy-efficient AC models? These are good questions to ask, and the answers can guide you toward a new air conditioning system.

The Air Conditioner’s Age

This is a good place to start—how long have you had this air
conditioner? You’ll find the manufacturer’s date on the back of the condenser
cabinet. The average central air conditioning system lasts between 10 to 15
years. Regular professional maintenance can push an AC to the upper end of that
range. Skipped maintenance can chop the lifespan in half.

Even if your air conditioner still works well, we advise
replacing one that’s older than 15 years. You can start with a system with
higher energy efficiency as well as improved comfort features such as a variable
speed fan. Once an AC is more than 15 years old, it starts losing efficiency and
has a higher risk of a breakdown.

Stacking Up Repairs

You shouldn’t need to repair the air conditioning system
every year—and certainly not more than once a year. A good piece of advice is never
to pay for a repair that costs more than half the price of installing a new air
conditioner, and to replace the AC if you pay more than $500 a year in repairs
to keep it running. These rules aren’t set in stone, and we recommend you check
with our professionals first before making a choice.

The AC Can’t Keep Up

Be honest: did your home feel as comfortable this summer as the previous summers? Has anybody in your household complained about their rooms being too hot? Have guests commented on the heat? These are warnings of an air conditioner aging past its usefulness. First, call for technicians to see if the problem is one they can fix—keeping in mind those guidelines about repairs we mentioned above. If the technicians feel the cooling capacity decline is age-related and nothing will reverse it for long, discuss replacement options.

Getting a New AC Can Be an Adventure

Purchasing an air conditioner isn’t the same thrill as
shopping for an audio system or car. AC’s aren’t flashy. But the job doesn’t
have to be a drudge, because there are exciting options for new air
conditioning technology. Some of the advanced air conditioners on the market
today will blow your mind with what they can do. Work with our NATE-certified
and factory-trained technicians and you’ll find an air conditioner that will
make you excited about your family’s cool future.

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