You don’t need to understand all the workings of your home’s
air conditioning system to enjoy the comfort it brings you. In fact, we’d be
surprised you had in-depth knowledge of how air conditioners work—they’re
complex pieces of equipment, and our technicians who repair and maintain them
have special NATE-certification to show how much they know about them.

But there are a few basics about how air conditioners work
that can help you to know. One of them is what refrigerant does. People often
think that their air conditioners will eventually run out of refrigerant and must
have a periodic replenishing, just like gasoline in a vehicle.

The truth is much different. And it’s both good news and bad

GOOD NEWS: Your air conditioning system doesn’t use
up refrigerant and should never need more refrigerant for its entire service

BAD NEWS: Your air conditioning system can lose
refrigerant due to leaks, which can cause catastrophic damage unless its fixed.

Let’s take this in two parts.

Refrigerant isn’t fuel or an energy source

Refrigerant doesn’t power your air conditioner. Electricity
powers your air conditioner. That’s what the system uses up as it runs. What refrigerant
does is serve as a heat transfer medium. It’s a chemical blend that
allows the air conditioner to draw heat from inside your home and release it

As the refrigerant in your AC goes through a process of
evaporation (absorbing heat) and condensation (releasing heat), it changes
between a liquid and a gas. It doesn’t dissipate as it does this, so the amount
of refrigerant will remain the same for the life of the air conditioner. This
is known as the air conditioner’s charge.

Refrigerant isn’t used up, but it can be lost—which requires repairs

Unfortunately, air conditioners can lose their refrigerant
charge. Leaks along the refrigerant lines can allow the chemicals to start to
escape. This is extremely hazardous for the air conditioner because it is
designed to run on a specific charge. If the charge starts to drop, it puts the
system in jeopardy. Cooling power will decline, ice will form along the evaporator
coil, and eventually the compressor will overheat and burn out.

When you notice your air conditioner struggling to cool down
your home, hear hissing sounds from the cabinet, or any other unusual behavior,
call for professionals right away. If the AC is losing refrigerant, the
technicians will discover it. They will then seal the leaks and recharge the
refrigerant to its factory level.

We must emphasize this: only licensed professionals can do
this job. Technicians must be certified to handle refrigerant and recharge it. Amateurs
may end up overcharging the air conditioner with too much refrigerant, and this
is just as harmful for the AC as too little.

Whatever is troubling your home cooling, you can trust our Boca Raton, FL air conditioning repair experts to get the AC system back to work. Our NATE-certified technicians can provide fast and accurate remedies to air conditioning problems.

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