We don’t want to make the thermostat out to be the villain
here, because a great thermostat can reduce your problems with achieving
excellent, energy-efficient comfort in your home. We often recommend our customers
upgrade to new Wi-Fi smart thermostats when they have a new HVAC installation,
because a quality thermostat helps them get the best out of their new equipment.

But it’s true that a thermostat can malfunction and stir up trouble. You may not know the thermostat is behind why your household heating is taking a hit, but when you call us for heating repair in Deerfield Beach, FL we can diagnose whether the thermostat is the bad guy. And no matter who the bad guy is, we’ll see your heater is reformed and back to work!

Ways the Thermostat Can Cause Problems

There are different ways a thermostat can malfunction and
end up creating comfort problems for your house. Most of these issues apply to
your air conditioner as much as to your heater.

  • Miscalibration: Thermostats have
    temperature sensors to register the general temperature of the house so it can correctly
    operate the blower and heater. A miscalibration of only a few degrees can cause
    a notable change in how well the heating system runs. It may shut off early and
    leave the house too cold. It may run too long and make the house stuffy. It
    will waste energy as it turns on and off. If your heating system isn’t keeping
    your house comfortable (either too cold or too hot) please don’t shove the
    thermostat to extremes to attempt to compensate. This will make the situation
    worse. Call us to help out instead.
  • Lost connection: The standard thermostat
    has a set of wires that connect it to different parts of the HVAC system, each
    with a specific function. Loss of one of these connections can cause issues
    such as a heater or blower that won’t turn on, or a heater and blower that won’t
    turn off. Trying to meddle with the wiring on your own may make the situation
    worse (and the thermostat may not be the issue in the first place!) so always
    arrange for professional repair services.
  • Ghost readings: Sounds spooky, doesn’t
    it? But “ghost readings” simply means the thermostat is picking up a false
    temperature reading. This can occur because the thermostat is exposed to a draft
    or a heat source that’s causing it to mistake the temperature of the house. Make
    sure you haven’t placed a heat-producing appliance too close to the thermostat,
    or that an open window isn’t interfering with it.

The Upgrade

When you call for repairs, we may suggest replacing a broken
thermostat rather than attempting to repair it. A replacement is often a more
cost-effective method. Upgrading the thermostat is also an option, but we want
to stress that you must have professionals help you select the new unit. We’ve
known customers who purchased their own replacement thermostat and then attempted
to install it. A mismatched thermostat and HVAC system can cause extensive
damage to the HVAC equipment. We’ll see you end up with the right new climate

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