“Mid-winter” is a relative term here in Florida. The bone-chilling deeps of winter usually means cooler days, rain, a few occasional cold nights. If you worked with a professional HVAC company in Lake Worth, FL to install and care for your heating system, you should have little problem receiving the warmth you and your family need.

If your heater is old and no longer working it’s best, or if
it’s failed entirely on you and the repair costs aren’t worth it, we recommend
scheduling a replacement right away. You may feel tempted to try to ride out
the rest of the season rather than get a new heating system. It’s always better
to have these types of jobs done soon—procrastination is not your friend
when it comes to home comfort!

An Important Reminder About Gas Furnaces

Before we talk a bit more about the benefits of prompt heating
replacement, we have to talk about gas furnaces. Although natural gas furnaces
are not as common in Florida as they are in many other parts of the country,
they’re still the most popular type of central heating system. When a gas
furnace fails or starts to operate poorly, it must either be repaired or
replaced as soon as possible. A gas furnace isn’t an automatically dangerous
appliance, but it can become harmful if it’s broken. When you suspect it’s time
to replace your gas furnace, schedule an inspection from an HVAC professional
right away. They can find out if there’s any danger and arrange for prompt service
to either fix it or replace it.

The Heat Pump Replacement Option

One reason we think it’s a smart idea to have heating
replacement done in mid-winter if you need it is because you can plan for the summer
at the same time. How? Install a heat pump! If you already have a heat pump,
then you understand why replacing one is a good idea no matter the time of year:
it’s a heating and air conditioning system in one.

However, to get the full benefit from replacing your old
HVAC system with a heat pump, it must replace both the heater and the air conditioner.
It’s wasteful to purchase a heat pump and then only run it in one mode. If your
heater is failing, check on your air conditioning system—is it the same age the
as the heater? If it is, then you’re in a good position to have the heater and
AC removed and a heat pump put in. Bam! You’ve gotten your comfort needs for the
entire year taken care of … and for many years after that.

The Electric Furnace

Do you have an all-electric home that uses an electric
furnace? This is a prime candidate for upgrading to a heat pump, since a heat
pump uses less electricity to run and can save money compared to an electric
furnace. But if you’re planning to keep your AC because it’s still in good
shape and not too old, it’s best simply to put in a new electric furnace than
pay for a heat pump. An electric furnace installation is one of the most
affordable options on the market, and our technicians can have a new one put
into your HVAC system quickly.  

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