“Wait, people in Florida actually have heating systems for
their homes?” This is something you might hear spoken with bewilderment by
someone from up north. In colder climates, it’s hard for people to think of Florida
weather as anything other than a sunny tropical paradise. And sometimes it is.
Just not always.

We may not need powerful furnaces or steam boilers to manage the cooler weather, but many of our homes have central heating systems installed along with the central air conditioning system. If you’re considering a new heating installation in Coral Springs, FL for this winter, you have different options to consider—often much different from those in colder parts of the US. Let’s take a look at Florida’s most popular central heating systems.

The Heat Pump

This is one of the best ways to enjoy comfort in a home in our climate. Not only does a heat pump provide effective heating during the coldest Florida night, but it’s also an air conditioning system. It’s all most homes need for comfort 365 days out of the year. A heat pump may struggle to provide heat in below freezing weather, but that’s not a problem we have!

Heat pumps are electrically powered, so they work ideally
for homes without a natural gas connection. Compared to electric furnaces, heat
pumps are money savers—they only use electricity to move heat, rather than
expend excess voltage on creating heat through electrical resistance. We work
extensively with heat pumps, and most of our customers love them.

The Gas Furnace

Natural gas furnaces are found in more homes than any other
central heater because they are powerful and cost less to run than electric furnaces.
They aren’t as common in Florida, however, since homes here don’t need as much
heating power and may not run often enough to make the furnace worth it.
However, for homes that use natural gas for other purposes, a gas furnace is often
a sensible choice.

The Electric Furnace

The electric furnace is an inexpensive choice for a new installation,
and they work well for homes without natural gas or for homeowners who don’t
want the inconvenience of a propane-powered furnace. An electric furnace is
costly to run, however, but the warmer temperatures in Florida mitigate this—the
furnace just doesn’t need to run that often, and the low installation cost
makes up for steeper energy bills. If a heat pump isn’t a good option because
you aren’t planning to replace your current AC along with your old heating
system, you may wish to consider an electric furnace.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

What’s that? You don’t have ducts at all? No problem—you can
have a ductless mini split heat pump installed. These systems work like standard
heat pumps (so you’ve got heating and cooling) but use wall-mounted units to
send heated or cooled air into the rooms. Ductless systems are increasing in
popularity because of their energy efficiency and convenience. If you have an
older house or you’re building a new one, put a ductless mini spilt heat pump
high on your list of possible installations.

At First Response Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we have the coolest customers in town. And, when necessary, the warmest! Schedule heating installation today.