You don’t want to have a hot summer day in Florida wrecked
when your home’s air conditioning system suddenly stops working. Although any
AC system may run into an abrupt problem, most will give off signs that
something is wrong before it goes seriously
wrong. If you know what to look for, you can early-detect those air
conditioning problems and give our technicians a call. The sooner you have the
trouble repaired, the smaller and easier it will likely be to fix.

The Most Common AC Warning Signs

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it does cover the most
common indications that you have an AC that needs attention from an HVAC
professional. (Please, don’t look to an amateur, and don’t try to diagnose and
fix the problem on your own.)

Strange noises

Air conditioning systems are becoming quieter and quieter as
technology advances, but you’ll still hear some whirring sounds from the motors,
fans, and compressors. If something unusual interrupts this white noise, it should
be investigated. These noises include clicking, mechanical grinding and shrieking,
hissing, clanging, and rattling.

Ice on the system

People often overlook this warning sign because they think ice
appearing along the indoor coil of an AC is just normal. It’s not! You should
never see frost or ice on any part of the air conditioner. It means something is
causing the evaporator coil to fail to absorb enough heat. It could be dirty
coils or leaking refrigerant, and you want these problems solved fast.

Rapid start-stop compressor

The compressor of an air conditioner runs in cycles that
last around fifteen minutes. When the compressor is turning on more often than
that, starting and stopping over and over within an hour, it’s called short-cycling. Many malfunctions can
lead to short-cycling, and short-cycling itself is harmful for the AC because
of the extra strain it puts on the compressor. An HVAC technician can find the
root of the short-cycling and stop it.

Hot spots in the house

When you walk around your house while the AC is running, do
you notice some rooms are warmer than normal? If it isn’t because of open
windows, poor insulation, or blocked room vents, it may be an air conditioner
starting to lose its cooling capacity for some reason.

Higher electrical bills

Almost any malfunction in an air conditioner will cause the
system to work harder to draw on electrical power to operate. This will show up
as a spike on your electrical bills. Compare your current bills to the bills
from the same time last year. If there’s an unexplained increase, it’s a good
idea to call for HVAC professionals right away to see what’s wrong.

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