We’re going through the usual Boca Raton winter weather—temperatures
that swing up and down, giving us pleasantly warm days in the 70s, then dropping
into the 50s at night. If you don’t have a good central heating system and rely
instead on a few space heaters, you may want to look into a professional heater

Don’t worry if your home doesn’t have the ducts for putting
in a central heater. Ductless heating is a great choice for energy-efficient
warmth for older homes that don’t have ductwork, or space-saving new home

But ductless heating is more than great heating. It’s one of
the best choices for all-around home comfort in Florida, as we’ll explain.

The Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split System

What makes a ductless heating system so beneficial starts
with the name. Not ductless heating, but another common name, ductless
mini split heat pump
. If you know anything about heat pumps, it’s that they
work as both heating and cooling systems. The standard heat pump works much
like a central air conditioner: an outside cabinet that connects to an indoor
unit and air handler. By circulating refrigerant between a set of coils, a heat
pump can either remove heat from inside the home (cooling the air) or move
outside heat into the house (heating the air). The air handler then blows the
conditioned air into the ductwork.

A ductless system works similarly, able to switch to either
heat or cool. The difference is that a ductless mini split uses multiple, small
indoor units. These containers contain a refrigerant coil and blower so they
can send either heated or cool air straight into the living spaces. No ducts
needed. Presto! You can get rid of your old window unit ACs and have
whole-house heating and cooling in one installation.

Another big benefit of ductless systems is how much energy
they can save during winter, particularly in our climate. Because a heat pump
must draw heat from outdoors, it may lose energy efficiency during extreme cold
weather. And we don’t have that kind of weather in Boca Raton. A ductless system
can save big compared to using an electric furnace. The lack of ducts also improves
energy efficiency in cooling mode, since there’s no heat gain through the duct

A ductless mini split also gives a home automatic zone
control—you only need to turn on the air handlers in rooms that need comfort. This
is another way to save money, since you don’t have to cool down the entire home
each hot day of summer. Only spend money to run the air handlers in rooms that
are occupied.

We’ll Find the Cooling Option for You!

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