When you schedule an air conditioning installation in West Palm Beach, FL, you’re making an important investment in your family’s comfort. It’s an investment that should pay off for many years. You may occasionally need to have an AC repair, but if have experienced professionals do the original installation and remember to schedule annual maintenance, you should enjoy years of trouble-free cool comfort from the system.

But there’s no such a thing as an immortal central air
conditioner. Installing a new AC means you’ll one day need to replace it. But
how long can you expect an air conditioner to work?

Basic Age Estimates

One of the more persistent myths about air conditioning—and one
that amateurs often spread around—is that a home needs to replace its AC every
ten years. It is possible that an AC will need to be replaced after ten years (most
warranties extend to ten years), but most air conditioners that have routine
maintenance and repairs done promptly as needed can last longer than this. Fifteen
years is a good estimate for the service life of a well-installed, well
cared-for air conditioning system.

If you aren’t sure of the age of your current air
conditioner because it was already in your home when you moved in, you can
check on the plate on the back of the outside cabinet. This plate will have the
manufacturer’s date. If you can’t find it there, write down the model number
and serial number and call an HVAC contractor. The contractor can use those
numbers to find out the manufacturer’s date.

Watching for the Signs of Age

If your air conditioner is 15 years or older, keep a close
watch for indications that it’s losing cooling power or otherwise struggling.
This is the point where an AC may start to quickly lose efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Much higher summer electrical bills than normal
  • Cooling around the house is becoming uneven, such
    as a second floor that’s far warmer than it should be
  • The air conditioner is noisier than it’s been before
  • Repairs are necessary more than once a year

We generally recommend homeowners to have a new air
conditioner installed after 15 years. Although you may be able to get the
system past 15 years, as soon as you notice these above signs, arrange for a replacement.
The system will only worsen, cost more to run, and drain money. It’s better to
get a fresh start at this point.

Replacements Can Be Better Than the Original

When you replace an old air conditioner, you’re not just
getting a newer system—you’re probably getting a system that’s better than
your current system ever was. Thanks to new technology, current ACs can have immensely
higher energy efficiency ratings. When you replace your old air conditioner,
you’ll start saving money with the new AC right away.

You can rely on our technicians to help you decide if you need to replace your AC and to take care of the replacement job if that’s the best choice. We promise skilled, friendly, and professional technicians for whatever service you need for your home’s comfort.

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