When the Florida heat gets going, so do home air
conditioning systems. You can expect to enjoy a comfortable home through the hot
summer when you’ve got an air conditioner that was professionally installed
working at peak condition.

But what if you turn on the AC and find out the house isn’t
cooling down the way it should? Instead of fiddling around the with thermostat
to lower the temperature more (which will only waste power and possibly harm
the air conditioner), you’ll need to find out what’s wrong and have it fixed.
Most of the time, it’ll take licensed HVAC technicians to do both.

Reasons Your AC May Be Lagging Behind

This is a by no means exhaustive list of reasons and air conditioner
may not be keeping up with cooling your home.

  • Clogged
    air filter:
    We recommend you check on the HVAC cabinet’s air filter before
    doing anything else. This filter needs to be changed regularly or else it will
    become so clogged with dust, lint, and other debris that it will reduce airflow,
    and that will cut into cooling. Put in a new filter and keep up with regular changes
    every 1–3 months.
  • Leaking
    The chemical refrigerant in your AC is supposed to remain at
    the same amount for the system’s lifespan. Should it start to leak out, the air
    conditioner will lose cooling power. Worse, the lower amount of refrigerant will
    eventually cause catastrophic damage to the compressor. You must have professionals
    seal the leaks and replace the lost refrigerant.
  • Short
    This is when the AC keeps shutting off its cooling cycle early, only
    to start back up again a short time later. This doesn’t allow enough time for
    cooling to reach all the rooms along the ventilation system. There are many
    reasons for short cycling to start, so let a technician inspect the system and
    find out the trouble.
  • Aging air
    How long have you had your current central AC system? More
    than 15 years? If it’s been more than 15 years, the loss of cooling is a huge
    red flag that it’s time to put in a new air conditioner. A technician can give
    you a diagnosis and estimate to help you make the choice.
  • Incorrectly
    sized unit:
    On the other hand, if this is the first summer you’ve had the
    AC, the problem might be that the installers put in a system either too large
    or too small for the space. Either situation means a wasteful air conditioner
    that creates inconsistent temperatures. The only solution to this is to have
    another installer—a licensed professional—put in an accurately sized

Certified AC Experts

No matter what air conditioning repair in Boca Raton, FL you need to stay cool all summer long, you can rely on First Response. We have NATE-certified and EPA-certified technicians who will ensure you have the best repair or new installation.

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