The official first day of summer isn’t far away, and the
Florida heat settles in long before that. Right now is the time to prepare your
home’s air conditioning system so it will sail through the hot and humid middle
of the year without giving you trouble or running up your electrical bills.

But how do you prep an AC? There are a few steps you can
take if you aren’t an HVAC professional, such as putting in a fresh air filter
and making sure the area around the outdoor cabinet is kept clear. But the big
job—a complete air conditioning maintenance inspection and tune-up—is one to
leave to experienced technicians. All you have to do is call your local HVAC
pros and schedule pre-season maintenance, and they’ll take it from there.

The Benefits of Professional AC Maintenance

There’s nothing better than routine maintenance to keep your
air conditioning system working at its best. Here are only a few of the ways regular
maintenance service pays you back:

  • Longer
    system life:
    Without annual inspections and tune-ups, an air conditioner
    will usually last half as long as it otherwise would. This can mean replacing an
    AC eight years early, which is a significant expense and big inconvenience. Wouldn’t
    you have preferred getting another eight years of reliable service from your
    AC? Maintenance can see that you get it!
  • Fewer
    Here’s a fact that puts maintenance in perspective—85% of the repairs
    an AC may need over its service life are preventable through maintenance. This saves
    you money and reduces the system’s downtime during hot summer months.
  • Energy
    A clean and tuned-up air conditioner will run with much less
    stress on its components than an air conditioner that’s been allowed to decay
    year after year. When you stay up to date with maintenance, you won’t have to deal
    with an AC that wastes money each summer.
  • Keep the
    warranty valid:
    The manufacturer’s warranty on your air conditioner protects
    you from having to pay enormous amounts for a repair or replacement due to factory
    fault. But the warranty will only remain valid if the AC has annual
    professional maintenance. You don’t want to let this warranty lapse due to
  • Peace of
    This is the best benefit of all! You can head into each summer without
    having to worry that your cooling system is in immediate danger of a breakdown
    that will leave you trapped on a hot day. Getting the AC maintained in spring
    increases the chance it will enjoy a trouble-free summer.

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